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Passage Player

Musicians! This app lets you learn from the songs and artists you love most.

It's simple: break songs up into passages you can easily practice against, analyze and study.

Passages Made Easy

Ever tried isolatiing a passage of a song in other music apps? Stabbing the Stop button, then sliding back that tiny playhead with your big, meaty finger to what you hope is the right location? Not anymore!

Loop Over and Over

Play a passage with infinite looping. Or play it just once through, then again when you're ready. Or just play the whole song. Whatever you want.

Slow It Down,
or Change Pitch

Old musician's adage: if you want to play fast (and well), play slow. No problem with this app. You can also transpose pitch, up to half-octive in either direction.

Record Yourself,
Then Compare

Record your self playing a passage, then A|B compare, listening back-and-forth between your playing and that of the masters. You'll learn what separates your playing from theirs--humbling, but then you can clsoe the gap.


You should be able to use any songs downloaded to your device. This includes:
• Songs ripped from CDs and synced to your device
• Songs purchased and downloaded from the App Store

If you have moved your media library into Apple's iCloud, you will need to download a given song from the Cloud to your device in order to use it with Passage Player. This can be done through the device's Music app. (Passage Player would be happy to do this for you, but currently Apple does not give third-party apps the ability to trigger this process.)

With Apple Music, you are essentially "renting" songs. Even if you download the song's audio file to your device (as opposed to streaming the audio data down from the Cloud), it cannot be played by third-party apps such as Passage Player. This is due to current Apple policy.

However, you can still purchase the song outright from the App Store, whether you are an Apple Music subscriber or not. Prices are typically $0.99-1.29 USD per song. Once the song is purchased, you will own it even if your Apple Music subscription eventually ends. Download the purchased song to your device, and it should work fine with Passage Player.

Perhaps. If the app proves popular, this becomes more likely. You can help bring this about by purchasing the app, writing flattering messages in the contact form, spreading the news by word-of-mouth, etc. (Especially the flattering messages part.)

Only if the app proves really, really, really popular.

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